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MS Run the US, Inc. Up for the Task


Browsing Facebook lately for me is like peering into someone’s family album; there are babies and videos of a child’s first steps every other day.  First-time smiling parents grin for the pictures, but are likely, somewhere inside, just totally freaking out.  I mean really, think about it…they’ve just created another living organism that, at some point, they will have absolutely…

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The MS Run 50K Fundraising Event


“You should put on a 5k!!!” You would be surprised (maybe not) how much I hear this phrase.  Seems logical, doesn’t it, that a non-profit about fundraising and running would put on a running event to raise funds? But, seriously, there is so much that goes into putting on a running event that most people don’t even think twice about. …

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I Alone Create & Re-create My Life…


The Power of Positive Thinking.  The Law of Attraction.  If you haven’t heard of these two things, or don’t fully understand what they mean, look them up.  To some, it might seem a little hokey; think your way to success through positive thoughts. Whatever, right? Just work hard and life is life, so whatever happens, happens. Well, if that’s your…

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