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Birthday Benchmarks

Last week Friday was my birthday, and as the date approached I did what I do every year at this time; I reflected.  For some, the New Year is a great opportunity to benchmark success (and failures), but for me, it’s my birthday. Where was I last year on this very date? What were my ambitions for the year ahead?…

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The Ice Age Trail 50-Mile Race

In May of 2009 when I wanted to give a 50-mile ultramarathon a try, I didn’t have to look far for an event.  I quickly found out that Wisconsin is an ultra running mecca hosting many attractive ultra races right in my backyard.  The closest up-coming race listed was a short 45-minute drive from home; the Ice Age 50-mile Trail…

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Think Of Me and Smile

I wonder sometimes about how personal to make my blog posts.  MS Run the US, Inc. is a non-profit fundraising business, but I also feel there is an attractive quality in allowing our supporters in to the life of my family, and the life that I live.  And really, anyone that follows my Twitter feed can see what I had…

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Focus. Focus. Focus. Breath. Run.

After months of day dreaming & training, The North Face Endurance Challenge – Bear Mountain event was finally here.  The week leading up to my flight to New York I was anxious and hurried, but arriving at the event early Saturday morning (4AM to be exact) I felt a calm happiness as I walked to the big red arch illuminated…

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Bring on Bear!

Some of you may remember that last year I took on the personal endeavor to run the two longest events available at the Madison, WI  The North Face Endurance Challenge.  To the surprise of myself, and others, I ended up pounding out a pretty decent weekend of running, finishing 3rd place female for the 50-mile race on Saturday (beating my…

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