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The experience is like a cloud; something visible that can just as easily disappear when you get too close.  The race is a whisper.  The event was here, and now it’s gone. I fell restlessly in and out of sleep early Sunday morning, after I finished running my very first 100-mile race, after I almost fainted in the shower, after…

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Run 100

I’ve sort of backed myself into running a 100-mile ultramarathon race, though I’ll admit I didn’t register for this race out of a deep, burning desire to do so.  And actually I realized yesterday, that I really just don’t feel like running a 100-mile race.  It was done out of necessity. Necessity for what? You might ask. The necessity to…

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I’ve Quit

I’ve quit running.  I’ve quit being passionate about my work.  I’ve quit the fitness industry.  I’ve quit the fundraising industry.  I’ve quit finding a cure for MS.  I’ve quit many of my friendships.  I quit running across America.  And I’ve quit responding to people on Facebook, Twitter, or my email inbox.  I’ve quit asking others to join the fight, and…

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The North Face Endurance Challenge D.C.

No matter how you cut it, 50-miles is 50-miles, so gearing up to run the distance will likely always be an anxious and exciting event for me.  Any number of different factors can affect how a run goes: sleep, training, fuel, digestion, mentality, focus, clothes, a bad a hair day ; )  To combat over thinking any number of factors that…

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