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I struggle with good deeds and the platform I’ve been given to share.  How much of what I do is for me? For my mom? For God? For the community? Am I sharing in an effort to inspire or in a subconscious effort to display the good I am doing?  How far do I take my stories and how in…

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Use All Your Colors

Every day is a brand new day and an opportunity to make of it what we want.  Every day we’re faced with thousands of choices; what to wear, what to say, where to go, what to do, how to react, how much to spend, how much to save, when to indulge, when to restrict, how to love, etc.  Data suggests…

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Good Race. Bad Race.

  Good Race Two weekends ago I flew out to Atlanta, GA to participate in the fourth race of the six-part series with The North Face Endurance Challenge.  I arrived in ATL, I ran well, placed in the female division, and wondered to myself during the flight home what on earth I would write about.  Running 50-miles well and then…

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Staying Upright

Trail runs demand more attention to staying upright than a race on pavement. While a bloody knee and a dirt covered shirt  can be a badge of honor, a broken arm or a head injury can be a problem. Weather forecasts for the Glacial 50k in the Northern Kettle Moraine on October 14th called for rain. A lot of rain.…

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I am new to blogging, but I thought sharing my first thoughts about this experience would allow many others to relate to me. Being able to be a part of MS Run Athletes is very exciting and motivates me to achieve my goal in both fundraising and running! However, if you look at everyone’s biography, you will notice I am…

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Miles, miles, and more miles.

The line of runners snaked up the hill before me, chatting with excitement when I heard cries of surprise. What’s going on up there, we wondered? As the group I was running with began to ponder, we hit it. As if someone opened the oven door, we ran into a wall of heat. We came upon the exact line where…

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