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Stay Awake Treadmill Challenge

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Do you want to be inspired by someone defying their physical limitations? It’s likely the furthest place you have to go is your mirror.  Despite your best excuses, you can defy the limitations you impose on yourself. But you don’t understand, Ashley! You don’t have knee problems/children/back pain/an over-demanding boss… I couldn’t agree more that life can be demanding at…

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S is for…

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  “That’s mine!” I thought to myself as I spotted my pen from church on a co-worker’s desk.  I didn’t want to sound petty so I left the pen there as I continued my conversation with said co-worker, all while plotting in my head just how to retrieve my pen. The pen isn’t special in the way that it writes,…

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Raising Funds, Awareness With Social Media


This post is part the Lightspan Digital #MarketingHop on social sports, in which bloggers were asked to share their story about how social media is connecting people in the silent sports community.   When I was asked to provide a perspective on how non-profit fundraising is affected by social media, it was nauseating to think about where MS Run the…

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What does the new year bring?

Well, last year was a great start to my ultra running career as I completed four 50K trail races, a 1/2 marathon trail race and numerous 5k’s as a MSruntheUS athlete. I am thankful for the opportunity Ashley and MSruntheUS has given me to run for them and raise funds for research. This coming year I have a 50K in…

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