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Are You Religious?

Are you religious? Ugh…I hate that question. My answer is 110% without a shadow of a doubt, no. No, I am not religious. That feels good to say. Religion is dirty. It’s judgmental and ridged. It makes me feel not-good-enough, like always. If I was religious, I’d never be able to get it right, or even get within a million…

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My Favorite Place

The Relay moves forward every day and with it, so do I.  It was a quick week up, through, and over the Rocky Mountains into Denver, CO and before I knew it I as entering the eastern Colorado view of the great open Plains (think Nebraska).  After such a scenic 9-days with Bill over the Rockies, I honestly and openly…

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Just. Love.

Who are you to judge? Just love. You run. You run because… You run to be connected, so you share. Just love. You run to be in solitude, so silence is your shadow. Just love. You run with music to lift you up. Just love. You run without music to be organic. Just love. You run to meet your goal.…

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Do The Work

I hadn’t felt like writing lately and I’m not one to force my posts, so sorry for the gap in updates! Truly the last two runners, Clark and Bill, literally covered their miles in what seemed like a cake-walk. Throughout Clark’s 180-miles in 7-days and Bill’s 200-miles in 9-days they each individually had about 4-miles of their whole segment that…

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