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Are You Ready?

The two most asked questions I got asked as I was getting ready to leave for the start of the Relay were: “Are you excited?” and “Are you ready?”. The answers easily and truthfully being yes and yes, but what does it take to be “ready” to embark on a 5-month cross-country running RV trip? Well, for me I’ve approached this adventure with both planning and flexibility. Planning: because the Relay does need a structure. Flexibility: because shit goes wrong. (Pardon my language).

Today, though beautiful in it’s essence, has been a “shit goes wrong” day.

I spent a good amount of money getting the RV travel ready for the trip, not only to be mechanically sound but also to have it’s features function for what we need. Yesterday a kind young mechanic at a truck stop in Utah pointed out his concern for our two front tires, and one rear tire. I thought, whatever, I’m not going to buy tires every time a mechanic wants to make a few bucks off of travelers, and hey, that’s why I paid the RV center in WI. So off we went.

Aaron and I made it happily and safely down the interstate from Cedar City, UT to Las Vegas this AM where we decided to wash the RV, fuel, eat, and head to LA with plenty of time to get settled for tomorrow’s big start.


During fueling I decided to check the tires. Low and behold the rear tire WAS COMPLETELY BALD! What the hell did I pay for?!? Needless to say the service center will be getting an earful on Monday because that’s not the only thing that’s been missed, but for now, let’s deal with the issues at hand.

Mind you, it’s Sunday so like nothing is open. Walmart had our tire but not the equipment to install it. I called on my AAA RV Plus service to help and the mechanic that came to our aid didn’t have the right truck to jack the RV. He recommended us to a tire shop, which we went to, which was wonderful, which also didn’t have the correct equipment to balance the tire. So, through some debate, Aaron came up with the idea to have them remove the tire with their jack, then I would take the tire to Walmart to get balanced, then bring it back from them to install. Boom! Plan worked and a meer 4-hours later we’re on the road and making progress.


Las Vegas traffic to LA was absolutely ridiculous. We covered 20-miles in one hour. At that rate we’d never be at the start. Luckily after a few hours of Vegas traffic the lanes cleared up and we were on our way again… only to hit a 35-mile/hr wind sand storm, which I have been informed is called a “Haboob”. We’re still in this Haboob and we’re still a few hours away from our destination. Aaron’s being a rockstar driver while I decided to write a little bit about our days adventures.

I know years from now we’ll look back on this, forget it was called a Haboob and tell people we got caught in a Boob Storm while leaving Vegas. At that time it’ll be funny and people will wonder what we were doing in Vegas in a Boob Storm on a charity trip anyways. But for now could the wind just die down a liiiiiitle bit so we can make it to LA safely?!? Pretty please…

More to come I’m sure…


  • by ashleyk
  • posted at 7:02 PM
  • April 14, 2013