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What does the new year bring?

Well, last year was a great start to my ultra running career as I completed four 50K trail races, a 1/2 marathon trail race and numerous 5k’s as a MSruntheUS athlete. I am thankful for the opportunity Ashley and MSruntheUS has given me to run for them and raise funds for research. This coming year I have a 50K in…

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Staying Upright

Trail runs demand more attention to staying upright than a race on pavement. While a bloody knee and a dirt covered shirt  can be a badge of honor, a broken arm or a head injury can be a problem. Weather forecasts for the Glacial 50k in the Northern Kettle Moraine on October 14th called for rain. A lot of rain.…

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Miles, miles, and more miles.

The line of runners snaked up the hill before me, chatting with excitement when I heard cries of surprise. What’s going on up there, we wondered? As the group I was running with began to ponder, we hit it. As if someone opened the oven door, we ran into a wall of heat. We came upon the exact line where…

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An Ultra Runner I am.

It all began one night at Lapham Peak State Park, November 2011. I happened to join a boisterous group of runners for a night run through the hilly and forested trails of Delafield, when I was passed by a cow. Running on its hind legs, no less. That cow was fast and that cow was Ashley. It turns out Ashley…

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