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Birthday Benchmarks

Last week Friday was my birthday, and as the date approached I did what I do every year at this time; I reflected.  For some, the New Year is a great opportunity to benchmark success (and failures), but for me, it’s my birthday.

Where was I last year on this very date? What were my ambitions for the year ahead? Did I achieve the goals I set for myself? How did life change? How did I handle the changes? Where am I right now? What are my goals for the upcoming year? Where will I be on this day next year?

As I reflected this year I find myself astounded with how quickly a year can fly by and just how much can change in only twelve months.  I continually feel that if I was given a 15 second glimpse to the year ahead, I wouldn’t believe what would be in store; God continues to surprise me every day of my life.

This year my heart is overwhelmed with gratitude.  Within the non-profit, MS Run the US, Inc. has begun to develop a following of individuals willing to contribute volunteer time and energy toward the task of a cross country relay, for which I cannot even being to express my sincerest and deepest thanks.  Professionally, I could not have asked for better clients and colleagues, and the continued direction in developing a healthy community of which others feel drawn to participate.  Personally, I am forever grateful for the daily guidance of my life’s purpose, of which I could never navigate on my own. And Spiritually, the growth I’ve experienced in this past year is immeasurable.

Each year holds a new challenge and each passing day is an opportunity to develop professionally, personally, and spiritually.  Though I may not always be exactly where I predicted twelve months prior, and there may be goals still yet to fulfill, I can’t help but feel that I am always exactly right where I was meant to be.

Here’s to another great year ahead… : )


  • by ashleyk
  • posted at 12:34 PM
  • May 30, 2012