Good Race. Bad Race.

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  Good Race Two weekends ago I flew out to Atlanta, GA to participate in the fourth race of the six-part series with The North Face Endurance Challenge.  I arrived in ATL, I ran well, placed in the female division, and wondered to myself during the flight home what on earth I would write about.  Running 50-miles well and then…

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Staying Upright

Trail runs demand more attention to staying upright than a race on pavement. While a bloody knee and a dirt covered shirt  can be a badge of honor, a broken arm or a head injury can be a problem. Weather forecasts for the Glacial 50k in the Northern Kettle Moraine on October 14th called for rain. A lot of rain.…

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Miles, miles, and more miles.

The line of runners snaked up the hill before me, chatting with excitement when I heard cries of surprise. What’s going on up there, we wondered? As the group I was running with began to ponder, we hit it. As if someone opened the oven door, we ran into a wall of heat. We came upon the exact line where…

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getting inspired.

On Saturday, Septemtber 15th I completed my second 50-mile race. I went into the race pretty excited. My first ultra-distance event was a little over a year ago and that 50-miler, the entire experience of it from start to finish was incredible. So naturally, having had a great time, I jumped at the opportunity to do another. I got to…

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Moms First Race


The event started with a direct message on Twitter: “Hey Ashley, just wondering: Do you ever run with your mom or have the desire to? Keep up the good work! @ccjens” The tears instantly welled in my eyes as I read the message.  No, I had never run with my mom.  I had never even thought about it, despite the…

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Painful endeavors

Photo Jun 02, 10 28 06 AM

This year I’ve been blogging about my 50-mile races with The North Face Endurance Challenge Series, but really, the 50-mile race is only half of my challenge with TNF.  Through some quick emailing last year with the Event Director, Nick Moore, I found out that no one has run all 50-mile races & half marathon races at all Endurance Challenge…

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The North Face ECS-WI

Photo Sep 15, 2 49 36 PM

It’s been one year since I set my personal best time for a 50-mile trail race and stood on the podium of an ultra race for the first time.  It was by no means the most competitive race on the ultra planet, but toeing the line a year ago with a goal of breaking 9 hours & besting my then-best…

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Little Lulu Interview

Screen shot 2012-09-12 at 12.17.20 PM

Most recently I answered a few questions for Lululemon Athletica and I thought it would be fun to share my answers here.  I figured if they wanted to know…maybe then you would too : )   What is your ultimate favorite workout and why? A trail run! I love to run & the trails help me to feel free of…

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You Can Do It!

You Can Do It!

“You can do it.” When was the last time someone simply said these words to you: “You can do it.”?  In the midst of a my-busy-life monologue have you ever been gently interrupted only to be given the simple reassurance that “you can do it.”?  Just before the breaking point of giving up were you given the reassurance that “you…

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Mohican 100-mile Finishers Medal

The experience is like a cloud; something visible that can just as easily disappear when you get too close.  The race is a whisper.  The event was here, and now it’s gone. I fell restlessly in and out of sleep early Sunday morning, after I finished running my very first 100-mile race, after I almost fainted in the shower, after…

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