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Daunting Challenges

I was recently asked a question about overcoming challenges in an interview and thought I’d share my answer here in the blog. : )



What do you do to prepare for a challenge so daunting, like MS Run the US?

  • I focus on three tasks at a time.  I think life in general can be daunting if you have goals and want to engage, inspire, and change lives; whether it be at the level of a stay-at-home mom or entrepreneur!  Any time I feel overwhelmed I make a list of three things I can accomplish today.  Even if I “only” accomplish those three things, at least I know I’m taking a step in the direction of completing my goals.
  • In regards to the daunting challenge of running 140-200 miles in 6 days, it’s all about perspective.  The event is not about speed and setting personal best running records.  The event is about consistent effort day-in and day-out over an extended period of time.  Do the training and just focus on one mile at a time.  It’s astonishing how do-able the running is when you choose to focus on a smaller distance within the larger distance.



  • by ashleyk
  • posted at 8:37 AM
  • October 30, 2013