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Endless Endurance

Well I’m officially on the road again! Wow. Really, what a whirlwind these past four weeks have been! To summarize (ha!), I’ve spent a good amount of my time getting the RV travel-ready, found instructors of my fitness clients, learned (in very general terms) how to film an interview, work my SLR Canon camera, how to save, upload, and edit film, all while packing up my apartment and moving out. It’s been crazy.

In all this busy-ness though I’ve had plenty of time to think and reflect on what all of this is for. Of course I’ve never lost sight of the cause and my mom, but for a while I wondered if packing up and living on the road this year for the Relay was the best thing for me. And really, I’ve concluded, it is. Though there have been some frustrations and plans that haven’t exactly gone my way, I kept telling myself that each obstacle is there to increase my endurance; and not the physical kind.

I find that what I love about MS Run the US, besides fundraising and helping those that live with MS, is that it challenges me every single day. From the day I formed this non-profit I’ve had to work at being a better version of myself. I’ve had to let go of things I never thought I would in order to move forward with my passion for this mission. I’ve had to get creative: think outside the box; think inside the box; hell, I think I’ve even thought on top of AND below the box. I know I am so very far from perfect, but each day I am continually astounded at how much God is using this non-profit to work on me. To change me. To grow me. I really could not be more grateful for all of the lessons He’s teaching me, and how these lessons are bringing me closer to Him.

Jokingly (I hope) some of the Relay runners have called me their “fearless leader”. I laugh. I am far from fearless. I am maybe so full of fear I’m inclined to do this. I’m fearful of MS. I’m fearful of mediocracy. I’m fearful of losing my passion and focus. I’m fearful of being ordinary, not because ordinary is horrible, but because I know we are made to be more. If everything every successful person has said is true: Just don’t quit. Anything is possible. Choose to live your dream. Then, why not me? Why can’t my life be extraordinary too? Why not raise $500,000… or more?

Sometimes I wonder if what I have is enough. If maybe I’m in over my head. But doubt passes. I’ve waited long enough to know that’s true. If I just sit tight, and stick it out, the girl that knows she can do this will preserver.

I’m so, so excited to see what these next 5-months will bring. I know there will be pains and frustrations, but I also know the success and victories will be that much sweeter. And the endurance I receive might just be endless.

Thank you for your support! I could never do this alone : )


  • by ashleyk
  • posted at 5:26 PM
  • April 12, 2013