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How is Mom?

How is your mom doing?

This is the most asked question from those that know MS Run the US, Inc.  I don’t mind the question and I greatly appreciate that others are thinking about her and her well-being.  Sometimes she’s not doing as well as she could.  Sometimes she’s doing better than she has in the past.  Coming from an individual that does not have MS, I see and feel that one of the most frustrating and possibly depressing parts of MS is that each day can be different in respect to abilities and severity of symptoms.

For an overall answer, my mom is doing well considering she has had MS since 1980.  We make a point to be grateful that she can still walk and move somewhat independently, but I would be lying if I said everything is just fine.  The disease has caused her significant disabilities and the thought of her one-day losing more of her current abilities is very real and very scary.

A combination of MS and age seems to be having a continued declining affect on her abilities the past few years.  As many others experience with MS, summer is always worse.  The heat impacts her in a way that seems to cause confusion between her brain and body; so much so that we had to take time-off from exercising until she could regain some function.

True to form though, my mom is the brightest and high-spirited person I know.  She asked often this summer when she could come back to the gym.  As her daughter and trainer I had to take the responsibility in making the decision of when it was both safe and effective for her to return.

Mom’s first day back at the gym was just a few weeks ago, and at the time I was shocked and frustrated at the decline in her strength, coordination, and endurance.  Prior to summer her and I would exercise for almost an hour two-times per week, while her first workout back at it lasted less than 30-minutes and left her extremely weakened and tired for the rest of the day.  I’m happy to report that both her strength and endurance have increased since then.  We continue to work on coordination, though its availability is strongly tied to her MS symptoms that day.

For most of my adult life now my mom has been a hero to me.  She has more endurance and Faith then anyone else I know or have heard of.  My child-like love for my mom urges me to believe that she is capable of anything, but my eyes and insights now tell me different.  I have to take a big bite of patience-pie when mom and I exercise together because any frustration I have in her inability to perform an exercise has little to do with her and everything to do with my hatred towards the MS disease.  Each day I pray that she is given the strength to do our workouts, and each day I pray for grace to accept the abilities she’s given for the day.

So, in my opinion this is how mom is doing.  She could be better.  She could be worse.  But no matter her physical abilities, the strength of her spirit is always the same and it is that strength that makes her truly great.



  • by ashleyk
  • posted at 11:26 AM
  • November 28, 2012