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I’ve Quit

I’ve quit running.  I’ve quit being passionate about my work.  I’ve quit the fitness industry.  I’ve quit the fundraising industry.  I’ve quit finding a cure for MS.  I’ve quit many of my friendships.  I quit running across America.  And I’ve quit responding to people on Facebook, Twitter, or my email inbox.  I’ve quit asking others to join the fight, and I’ve quit motivating others to donate or get moving.  I’ve quit on my clients and I’ve quit on my co-workers.  Some days I’ve just quit.

I’ve quit all of these things when it just gets too hard.  Sometimes life can just get too hard.

And then I think of my mom.

The woman who’s raised me & my siblings.  The woman who’s stayed strong through her everyday struggles with MS symptoms.  The woman who’s Faith is so strong, I truly believe that she can, in fact, move a mountain.  The woman who fuels my life.

I think of all the people just like her with MS, and all the families just like ours who live with the symptoms as well.  I think about the fact that life can get hard, but that it could be much harder.  I think about how selfish I’m being to just up and quit.  I think about the person I could become if I just keep moving forward.

And then I go to bed. I wake up. And I realize, it’s a brand new day, filled with opportunity, potential, and the availability to make change.  I embrace the understanding that I just have to inspire one; one individual to do more and be more in our community, and that one is enough to try again.  I accept my struggles as an obstacle that is really just an opportunity to change, and grow, and become the person I was always meant to be.  I am consumed by the fact that we truly are, powerful beyond measure.

And then I go for it with all I have.

I run more.  I become more passionate about my work.  I study the fitness industry, and I explore better ways to fundraise.  I believe there is a cure.  I call my friends.  I finish what I start, and I respond to as many people as I can in the day.  I ask others again and again to join the fight, and I motivate them to donate & get moving. I reinvest in my clients and I listen to my co-workers.  I embrace the day as an opportunity to never quit.

Because what I’ve come to know is that we are continually pushed by some unknown force, until we break.  And when we break, we are faced with a mirror image of who we currently are and a vision of who we are supposed to become.  And it’s at this point that we discover ourselves and the potential that has been placed within us to be more.

And so, it’s with this knowledge, that I embrace quitting.  Because I know that I truly will never quit trying for the benefit of running and fundraising.  I know that the desire to quit is really a bench mark for renewed growth.  It’s a catalyst for potential to ask more, do more, be more, and give more.  It’s the opportunity to reflect on ourselves, analyze where we are, and push forward to the finish line of what we have started.

Quitting, or the desire to quit, is the opportunity for change.  When you’ve come to this point, take a moment. Reflect. And then step forward to become the amazing, inspiring person you were always meant to be.




  • by ashleyk
  • posted at 3:23 PM
  • June 10, 2012