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A blog by Kaitlyn Morgan

I have been involved with raising awareness and funds for Multiple Sclerosis for over 6 years. Sometimes you can feel alone in the fight even as the child of a person living with MS. You want to help, take away their discomfort, make it all ok, but alas you cannot… For some time I felt as if I had no option but to raise as much money as I could to cure it.

I had made the decision to get involved with the MS cause with our local MS chapter and fundraisers after my dad was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. My dad had been an avid endurance cyclist his whole life and instilled that passion for endurance sports into my brother and myself. As a family we did walk MS, Bike MS, and Muck Fest MS. It took stumbling across MS Run the US before I realized what it actually meant to be a part of the bigger picture, and how I truly could help. I didn’t just join a fundraising organization, I joined a family.

With my father’s diagnosis of MS my family was stuck feeling like we were doomed, alone and afraid. Yes, MS is scary, it is not fun to see your dad live with it daily. I wouldn’t wish it on a soul. I found the relay when I needed it most, when my family needed it most. The relay changed those feelings for me, it was a glimmer of hope. After my first year running for the relay, I realized the relay was a metaphor of what the life of those with MS could be like. You never know what your next day on the road could bring, and neither does my dad, though you must keep moving forward. My third day of running back in 2014 I wanted to quit by mile 9, and it took some wise words from mom and looking across the highway at dad sitting in the car. I realized he has no choice when it comes to living his marathon, that is life with multiple sclerosis. Then mom reminded me that I was going to finish my miles that day by putting one foot in front of the other and to keep running up that hill, because the relay needs to keep moving on. That day I learned that those with MS don’t get to “quit” the road they are on. That is the beauty of this organization – it lets everyone know we are not alone in this fight and the relay must move on.

The relay is a way I can give back to MS by doing something I love with my whole heart for the my amazing father. He is the man that taught me how to use my legs for endurance and to use them with heart. While his legs can no longer ride a bike the relay can move forward for him and all those living with this disease. I have vowed that while I can still move and run, I will continue to give for those who cannot. I see my movement as a gift, and my dad loves the fact that my mom and I love to run so much. It brings him joy as does watching the relay runners do this!

We found a group of fighters in MS Run the US letting us know that we are not alone, that while MS may be scary, we are not doomed and that there is hope. Hope that with every passing year they are making strides in finding a cure and bettering treatments. Hope in that we can do this together and no single person has to fight alone. My dad doesn’t have to fight MS alone, he has an army of people in his corner fighting with him and for him. To know this and to be a part of this is more than we as “Team Morgan” could have ever asked for. The relay brought us back to life again, we no longer fear MS, we face it head on. Team Morgan fights with all we have for all those fighting MS, and we are grateful for MS Run the US for fighting for Team Morgan 🙂

Thank you MS Run the US for being our family and giving us HOPE!

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  • posted at 9:40 AM
  • October 7, 2016