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There’s always something, with no fail. But I think I’m learning to handle the “set-backs” differently now. Adam and I were grateful for our stay in Milford, and were especially grateful for the ease of his route for the final days into his finish. It’s been only a day or two without a mechanical issue to deal with, so, according to my watch I think that means we’re about due.

RV flat tire.

Robin ran her first 26.2-miles of her segment yesterday, and after a short run this morning we moved the crew forward to Fillmore, UT. On the drive just a few miles to the exit I heard a brief “pop”. I glanced at the 18-wheeler passing me to my left and hoped the noise was somehow from his rig.

Pulling safely in to the KOA campground I jumped out to check our tires. It took me all of a few seconds to find the glistening steel head of a giant nail pressed squarely in to the RV’s passenger side front tire. Damn.


But really, how upset could I be? It was just a tire and we safely arrived to our campground destination without blow-out on an interstate that boasts speed limits of 80 mph. It’s a Saturday, thank God, so luckily there’s a service center open and it shouldn’t be more than an hour before I can drive the RV out as good as new. Honestly, this fix does seem like small potatoes in comparison to the 4-day thousands of dollars repair that took place in Vegas on the axial. Every thing seems manageable compared to that!

So, for now, here I sit at the service center. But soon I’ll be back with my runner helping her complete her second day of marathons for the Relay, and that is pretty cool and well worth all of this effort out here!


  • by ashleyk
  • posted at 1:04 PM
  • May 11, 2013