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Bring On The Mojo

My car wouldn’t start, but it just didn’t bother me.  I had just got done aiding Adam with a Snickers bar & Coca-cola at his 12-mile stop when I went to start the car and all I got was the familiar click-click-click of a dead battery.  I left the lights on.  I got out and screamed to Adam a half mile down the road “ADAM. DEAD. BATTERY. KEEP RUNNING. I’LL CALL SOMEONE!!!” He just waved and texted me later “Race you to Milford! : )”.

We were both in a good mood after our per-scheduled move to Milford the day before after the generator ended up not working. [See “Wavering Believer” blog]. We drove the route in reverse in the dark morning hours and found that, despite the Google maps deception, it was surprisingly easy to navigate on both foot and wheels.  We got the break we were praying for with the route and Adam got his Yellow Brick Road.

Triple A was surprisingly difficult to work with.  “Where exactly are you?!?” they asked quizzically, “We can’t seem to locate your roads on our map.” After 25-minutes and a few dispatchers later they finally located my coordinates and promised to have a driver out shortly.  Minutes later a Cedar City tow company called.  Cedar City is more than 2-hours away.  Triple A seemed to have zero clue how to help me, but then again, who kills their battery 20-miles away from any town on back country dirt roads?

I chucked to myself and shook my head before I took matters in to my own hands and started calling around to the car repair shops in Minersville & Milford, UT.  Alas I not only located a jump, but so had Triple A (in a town near by!).  Not shortly after I knew help was on it’s way a white truck pulled up. I got out of my car and jumped with my hands in the air…like any typical stranded female would do.  The gentleman driver approached and rolled down his window, “You need help?”.  I laughed and said, “Yeeeeeah, I left my lights on and killed my battery. You got jumper cables?”  His reply, “I do! But if you don’t mind me asking, what the hell are you doing out here?” as he motioned with his hand to the vast open country side.  I looked over my shoulder to see a beat up wooden sign “Minersville 19-miles”.  He hopped out and got to work as I told him about our Relay run across America for MS.  His high school football coach has MS and is bound to a wheel chair with minimal use of his left side.  I told him about my mom and others that we’re running for.  With one try my car started.  I honked my horn as he yelled, “GOOD LUCK!”.

Photo May 07, 9 49 54 AM

I caught back up with Adam and not long after he finished his run for the day.  He had some interesting stories of blessings that happened to him in our absence as well.

Back in Milford I decided to swing by a mechanic’s shop to ask about the generator.  I had asked at a gas station earlier and they seemed clueless.  I wasn’t worried yet, but getting the thing running was number one priority for me.  After a few minutes of speaking with the nice gentleman that approached me upon entering the lot, he said, “I can take a look now if now is good for you?”.  Yes sir, right now is always good for me.  Again, my mechanical troubles today were an easy fix.  He started it up and adjusted the elevation fuel intake valve until the puttering stopped.  It was running as good as new.  “Where you headed?” he asked.  I smiled, “New York” was my reply.  His eyes got big and he replied with excitement as I told him about our Relay and how we’d be heading in to the Rocky Mountains before crossing the Midwest plains and in to New York.  “Well then,” he said, “I best show you how to adjust this thing then!”

I got a tutorial on the generator and he shook my hand to say good luck.  He didn’t want to take any payment for his help since we were doing such a good thing for others.

So among many of the difficulties I’ve had to face with the RV and the Relay route, I am also beginning to remember all of the helpful people that we found when I ran across the country.  I certainly hadn’t forgotten, but we also hadn’t experienced the firm handshake of a kind stranger yet.  Milford has certainly changed that.  And as Adam said, “There’s a lot of mojo we’re getting here in Milford!”. I like mojo.  Bring it on!



  • by ashleyk
  • posted at 9:57 AM
  • May 8, 2013