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My Favorite Place

The Relay moves forward every day and with it, so do I.  It was a quick week up, through, and over the Rocky Mountains into Denver, CO and before I knew it I as entering the eastern Colorado view of the great open Plains (think Nebraska).  After such a scenic 9-days with Bill over the Rockies, I honestly and openly welcomed the Plains view.  I watched the vibrant green wheat grass wave gently back and forth in the wind like a harmony of little people happy to see me.  The great big sky stretched from horizon to the heavens with a full-circular view of uninterrupted blue.  Clouds floated effortlessly, going just as quickly as they had come.  The sunrise exploded over the eastern morning bursting with orange, yellow, and red casting a collage of colors against the dark morning sky.

With all the traveling that I do I often get asked, “What’s your favorite place?”.  My answer is always a confident, “Where ever I am.”

I understand the question and I know the individual is trying to invoke an answer that launches me into a story of one of the most amazing places I’ve seen.  But if I’m constantly thinking about a beautiful, amazing place I once was, wouldn’t that take away from the beauties of the places that I am? All over the world, in what seems like a drab and boring place when viewed from a car, there are parts of this earth that come to life in a very unexpected way if you take the time to appreciate your surroundings.

Each part of America means something different to me.  The landscape invokes a spirit within me that lights up a part of my soul.  The desert provided a necessary solitude that sparked an exciting internal reflection. The mountains called for adventure and a carnal need for me to aggressively run every peak I saw in sight.  As I enter the Plains I connect with that quiet Midwest girl within me that enjoys reading a great book and watching the grass grow.  And I know the East lights up in me ambition and success.

Whether it’s traveling the country by foot, or working diligently at home, I know it’s important to take it the beauty of life, so that each of us, no matter where we are, can say that our favorite place is right where we are.  And if, for some reason, right where we are is not our favorite place, then I dare you to reflect on what you have to change to make a difference in that.



  • by ashleyk
  • posted at 4:49 PM
  • June 19, 2013