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Reflection: Where are we on the road to a cure for MS?

In our busy society it is easy to keep going and never take time to for reflection.  The downside of this is that without reflection we lose the perspective that is required to remain dedicated to our strategies and dreams.

This post isn’t about my running (plenty of time for that later).  Instead, it’s about taking the necessary time to reflect upon the achievements that have been made in the search for a cure to MS.  By doing so we not only allow ourselves to see how far our collective knowledge has come in understanding the disease and potential cures, but it reinvigorates us to work harder to obtain the knowledge and resources required to continue the fight.

In an attempt to aid in such reflection, I have posted two links below.  The first provides a brief history of MS, while the other provides information on research currently being conducted: (Scroll down to “What research is being done”)

Through reading the links I hope you come to realize that the road ahead is shorter than the road behind.  Take pride in that, then rededicate yourself.


  • by seanluedke
  • posted at 7:41 PM
  • November 10, 2012