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Run 100

I’ve sort of backed myself into running a 100-mile ultramarathon race, though I’ll admit I didn’t register for this race out of a deep, burning desire to do so.  And actually I realized yesterday, that I really just don’t feel like running a 100-mile race.  It was done out of necessity.

Necessity for what? You might ask.

The necessity to fill a deep, burning desire to run a grueling 135-mile race called the Badwater.

I know, my thought process doesn’t make sense to me either.  How is it that I’d want to run a 135-mile hardcore ultramarathon like Badwater, but don’t really feel like running a 100-mile ultramarathon? Seriously, what is wrong with my brain?

I guess the only way I can explain it is to compare it to the first 50-mile ultramarathon I ever ran.  I wasn’t even interested in attempting a marathon.  For me, the epic challenge was this crazy 50-mile race where people ran for hours on end trying to will their bodies across the finish line over a distance that didn’t even seem safe to run.  A 50-mile race.  A FIFTY MILE RACE.  It just sounded crazy to me…and I wanted in.

Badwater is my new 50-mile race (isn’t unlimited possibilities a bastard?).  It’s a ridiculously dangerous race beginning at the lowest point in the continental U.S., running across Death Valley, in JULY when heats are soaring near 130+ degrees Fahrenheit, to a 14,000 foot elevation point on Mount Whitney.

For obvious safety reasons, runners wanting to apply to compete in the Badwater have to complete three 100-mile races, among various other standards, before submitting entry. [Full qualifying standards here]. Sigh, I hate that I have to qualify.  Can’t they just trust me that I won’t keel over & die?!?

Guess not.

So, alas, to the 100-mile adventure I go.  Not because I particularly feel like it, mind you. But because I have hopes and dreams of frying myself in a desert out West some day…(*stomps away pouting*).

Wish me luck this weekend! Mohican 100-mile race in Ohio, here I come! : )


  • by ashleyk
  • posted at 3:21 PM
  • June 12, 2012