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Reviews and goals and stuff

Photo Dec 19, 2 32 11 PM

There is much to write about: my final The North Face Endurance Challenge races in San Francisco that happened weeks ago; my end of year 2012 in review; my end of year 2012 races in review; goals for 2013; update on the MS Run the US – 2013 Relay… Like I said, much to write about. Unfortunately time seems to…

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Life is…


I’m not gonna lie, I am really looking forward to the weekend ahead.  I’ve packed about as much as one person could into a short three day span and I’m excited to experience all that’s on the schedule. I was supposed to be in New Jersey three weeks ago speaking at the MS Society NJ-Chapter Women on the Move Luncheon. …

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Good Race. Bad Race.

Photo Oct 24, 4 01 32 PM

  Good Race Two weekends ago I flew out to Atlanta, GA to participate in the fourth race of the six-part series with The North Face Endurance Challenge.  I arrived in ATL, I ran well, placed in the female division, and wondered to myself during the flight home what on earth I would write about.  Running 50-miles well and then…

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getting inspired.

On Saturday, Septemtber 15th I completed my second 50-mile race. I went into the race pretty excited. My first ultra-distance event was a little over a year ago and that 50-miler, the entire experience of it from start to finish was incredible. So naturally, having had a great time, I jumped at the opportunity to do another. I got to…

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Painful endeavors

Photo Jun 02, 10 28 06 AM

This year I’ve been blogging about my 50-mile races with The North Face Endurance Challenge Series, but really, the 50-mile race is only half of my challenge with TNF.  Through some quick emailing last year with the Event Director, Nick Moore, I found out that no one has run all 50-mile races & half marathon races at all Endurance Challenge…

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The North Face ECS-WI

Photo Sep 15, 2 49 36 PM

It’s been one year since I set my personal best time for a 50-mile trail race and stood on the podium of an ultra race for the first time.  It was by no means the most competitive race on the ultra planet, but toeing the line a year ago with a goal of breaking 9 hours & besting my then-best…

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The North Face Endurance Challenge D.C.


No matter how you cut it, 50-miles is 50-miles, so gearing up to run the distance will likely always be an anxious and exciting event for me.  Any number of different factors can affect how a run goes: sleep, training, fuel, digestion, mentality, focus, clothes, a bad a hair day ; )  To combat over thinking any number of factors that…

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