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Use All Your Colors

Every day is a brand new day and an opportunity to make of it what we want.  Every day we’re faced with thousands of choices; what to wear, what to say, where to go, what to do, how to react, how much to spend, how much to save, when to indulge, when to restrict, how to love, etc.  Data suggests that adults make nearly 35,000 decisions every day.  The idea of it can be staggering and intimidating.

Recently a client shared with me a story about himself when he was young.  In less words then the story should be told, essentially as a youngster he waited years for his family to have enough money to purchase the 64 pack of crayons for art class.  Until then they were only able to afford the 8 pack of standard rainbow crayons.  A few years later after he had gotten his use out of the 64 pack of crayons he decided to pass them on to his younger sister.  Before giving them away he notice, upon inspection, that he had only used the standard 8 colors regularly.  He so highly valued the other crayons that he was “saving” them.  He realized though that he saved them so much he didn’t even use them!

From that day forward he developed a motto: “Use all your colors!”.  This is a motto he applies to all areas of his life, of which his colors are his abilities. Whether it be for work or pleasure he commits to using all of his colors/abilities.

Obviously this concept has to be applied within reason.  We can’t just use all the money we have in one day or we’d find ourselves in a bit of trouble by the time the bills came.  But what if we applied this to abilities that we do have in plenty: love, compassion, endurance, forgiveness, kindness, patience, humor, drive, integrity…  These are all things that are given to us in immeasurable amounts.  There is no end to the amount of forgiveness we posses.  There is not limit to our kindness.  We impose our own limits on these attributes.

What if for today and beyond we don’t limit our abilities to do these things? What if we forgive until we can’t forgive anymore, and then we forgive more?

Remember as you go throughout your day that you have a box full of colorful qualities that you can use to brighten your world.  Use your colors.  And when you’re tired of coloring your world, color some more.

“Happiness is like jam.  You can’t spread it without getting some on yourself.” -Unknown



  • by ashleyk
  • posted at 1:39 PM
  • October 26, 2012