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You Can Do It!

“You can do it.”

When was the last time someone simply said these words to you: “You can do it.”?  In the midst of a my-busy-life monologue have you ever been gently interrupted only to be given the simple reassurance that “you can do it.”?  Just before the breaking point of giving up were you given the reassurance that “you can do it.”?

As I lay in bed last night I gave up a prayer of guidance.  Life can move so quickly some times that it’s all too soon that new projects and upcoming deadlines are no longer a haze in the distance, but a booming countdown clock.  I was seeking not only guidance, but also reassurance.  “Tell me that this can be done,” I asked.

I grabbed my bag to leave the gym this AM after my clients had all been properly punished through sweat & fatigue, when my fellow trainer stopped to catch up about the weekend.  As we summarized new events, old events, and upcoming events she simply said at the end of my summary, while looking me right in the eyes “You can do it, Ashley.”  I sucked in a breath as the simple, yet eloquent words hit my ears.  When was the last time I heard such clean and classic encouragement? When was the last time I gave it?

So here I am to pass it on.  You can do it.

There’s no what-if’s and no excuses.  You can do it.  There’s no advice as to how or why or when.  You can do it.  There’s nothing else, except the reassurance that another human being believes, simply, that you can do it.

Whatever “it” is, just know you can do it!

Make it a great Monday!



  • by ashleyk
  • posted at 8:15 AM
  • August 27, 2012